Sunday, 4 April is Easter. A pretty important day for most of us. Go to Church with your family. Buy your wife and your daughters some Easter flowers. It is a renewal of life. The weather is usually pretty good. The grass is green and the wildflowers are out. Go drive through the Hill Country. The sights and the sites are wonderful. You are living in the heart of some of the most beautiful country that God has ever created. Go and see it. A two hour drive in almost any direction brings you to lakes, hills, rivers and streams, and beautiful wild flowers. Take a little time for your family. It truly is a renewal of life.

What’s important to me? 40 years ago, on 11 April, in a small non-denominational military chapel at Camp Mabry, Austin, TX, Sandy and I were married. She was a good woman then and she has remained a good loyal woman to this day. She remains as beautiful inside and out as she did forty years ago. I thank God for her everyday. We should all be so lucky!

If you have never been to Camp Mabry in Austin you should go and visit. There is a first class military museum (45,000 sq. feet) and it mainly covers the Texas Military Forces in all the actions that it has served. It takes several hours to see. It is worth the time. Kids will love it. Right across the street is the Chapel. Take a few minutes to visit. Although it is kind of plain on the outside, the military did do one thing correct. They actually put a steeple on top of the building. Really good thinking by those military architects! It is beautiful inside with some really great stained glass windows of all the military battles. Drive around the “loop” and see the aircraft that the Texas Air National Guard has flown, F-86, F-4, & F-16. See the helicopters and the artillery weapons. It is a beautiful old post dating back from the Cavalry Days.

Keep in mind that Camp Mabry, the HQ of the Texas National Guard, was started in 1892 and was three miles north of downtown. It was built out in the sticks and was a long ways from civilization back in those days.

Do you like churches? If you want to see four or five of the most beautiful churches in the world you need to go no further than about two hours to the area of Schulenburg on IH-10. There are several in the area but the ones that are easy to see are in small German and Czech towns of: Praha, High Hill, Dubina, and Ammannsville. These beautiful old churches are called “The Painted Churches of Texas.” Go to your computer and go on-line and look them up. Read about them and see pictures. Then go and visit. Take your family. You will not regret going to see these beautiful places of worship. Do not miss these works of art and devotion, built in the style of the “Old World”.

April is one of the best months in Texas. Do not waste it!