There is one very good thing about Winter… Spring is just around the corner. And Spring this year is Wednesday, 20 March. Five days earlier was the 15th. Why is the 15th important? Because in these parts, that is the last day that you will have to worry about a freeze. Usually. Since 1987 I can only remember one time that we had a freeze in late March. Go buy some plants and get them in the ground.

Back up just a little to Sunday, 10 March. “Spring forward”. Turn your watches and clocks ahead by one hour. Daylight savings begins.

Military news: The Iraq War began on 19 March in the year 2003. Hard to believe that it has been 21 years ago. Those Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen and Marines did a great job. Congratulate them.

The Kosovo Campaign began on 24 March in 1999 and the Somalia Campaign ended on 31 March in 1995. Thanks to all those warriors who served in these conflicts.

Very Important day: Friday, 29 March. National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Thank a Vietnam Vet. It is also Good Friday. Have a great March.

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