As of this writing, we have a couple of DSHS Sports updates:

1. The DSHS Girls Volleyball team recently won the 6A State Volleyball Championship! What a great HONOR for our girls and our local school. Congratulations.
2. The DSHS Football team just won their game in the quarterfinals against the Harlingen HS Cardinals. Our Tigers will be playing a semifinal game in Texas Memorial Stadium in early December.

December is a pretty busy month for us, so let’s get started. A very important date to remember is Wednesday, 7 December. This is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. I think that everyone knows what happened on this day. The important thing is that we continue to teach our children and grandchildren about this day so we “Never Forget” what happened. In 4 years, we lost over 400,000 of our brave warriors while we were winning a war that had to be won. Over 16 million of our people served with honor and distinction. There are only a few WWII veterans left. God Bless them all.

Two important birthdays to remember: Tuesday, 13 December is the 386th Birthday of the National Guard, or what was originally called the Militia. These guys are important because without them there may not have been a United States of America. The second date is Wednesday, 20 December, the 3rd Birthday of The United States Space Force. You will be hearing a lot more about these guys in the near future.

Guess what happens on Wednesday, 21 December? It might be 80 degrees, but this is the beginning of Winter. I hope that we have a fairly mild winter this year! But be ready for some cooler weather. Get prepared now. Don’t wait for the first freeze!

We have a couple of very important days on Saturday and Sunday, 24-25 December. You know everything about these days called Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Enjoy your family and enjoy the reason for Christmas. We sometimes forget what it is really all about. Give thanks for our blessings and for our God and his special gift to us. Say a special prayer for all of our service members who are overseas and far from family and home.

Then be very careful on the last day of the year, Saturday, 31 December. It is New Year’s Eve. We want you to still be with us on New Year’s Day! Enjoy your evening, but Be Safe. 2022 is almost Over and Done. We will see you next year.