On Thursday, 6 June, we should remember that 80 years ago thousands of young Americans hit the shores of France, or they dropped in behind the lines to secure bridges and lines of communication. This was one of the greatest events of the entire WWII and it was the beginning of the end for the German Forces. It also led to the end of the war in Europe. We should never forget the bravery of these warriors. Remember! Also remember that American Legion Post 290 meets at 7 PM at Vet Hall.

Friday, 14 June is also a very important day. It is the Birthday of the United States Army, our senior service. Created in 1775, the Army now has over one million members and 800,000 Reserve and National Guard soldiers. Happy Birthday Army!!!

14 June is also Flag Day. Fly your flags high!!

Do not forget that Sunday, 16 June is Father’s Day. Take the Old Man out for a beer. Or if you are a father, go buy yourself one or two.
Summer 2024 begins on Thursday, 20 June. Remember also that our VFW Post 2933 has a meeting at Vet Hall at 7 PM. Come to the meeting. Join your fellow Vets.

School is out. Enjoy the Summer and take your family on a nice vacation. Have a wonderful summer.

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