Can you believe that another year has passed? Yes, it is hard to believe…but here we are into the New Year. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a very safe New Year.

First of all, I want to say that we had a great Veteran’s Christmas Party in December for members of VFW Post 2933 and American Legion Post 290. We had about 90 members, spouses, and guests. The Hog Heaven Event Center was beautiful, as always, at Christmas. Ms. Lyssa Seale always does an excellent job of making this one of the most beautiful spots in Texas during the Christmas Season. We give thanks to both Hank and Lyssa Seale for the outstanding hospitality in having us out for our annual party. The meals were excellent and the desserts by Ms. Frances Ann Fosdick were delicious. We thank the Seale’s and their staff and everyone that was involved. It was a great time. We handed out about 20 or more door prizes to members and family. One of our member’s wife, Irene Pelak, a DSMS teacher, was our “Teacher of the Year” and she received a Certificate and a Cash Award.

Switching to history, on 27 January, in the year 1973, the Vietnam Peace Accord was signed. This is one of those days that we are supposed to REMEMBER. Two years later–you know how that all turned out. Just a prelude to the events of August-September 2021 in Afghanistan. We never learn do we? One was a 10-year war and another was a 20-year war. Thousands of dead and wounded young American warriors. Billions of dollars of aid given. The end results were one Communist country and one full of Jihads and Militants.

We don’t have any Military Birthdays this month. We did remember the 385th Birthday of the National Guard last December 13th and the Space Force Birthday on 20 December. The Space Force was 2 years old and is just getting started with a very important mission in the near future. There are now about 4000 personnel in the Space Force and they are called “Guardians.” In FY22 there will be about 670 more USAF military personnel and 260 civilian personnel transferred to the Space Force. Watch them grow! With the current conflicts that are ongoing and the possibility of future conflicts, our satellite systems will be in danger. And we will have to be able to protect our systems and will also have to be able to destroy or neutralize the enemy systems. Big job for our Space Force Guardians!