Well, here we are in November 2021. Deer Season starts on the first Saturday of November, 6 November. But you need to be at your lease on Friday getting ready. In fact, you should have been getting ready for the past several months. Fixin’ up your stand, getting your feeders full, and siting in your rifle. We had an excellent Spring and lots of rain through the Summer. Hunting should be good this year. Go get you a deer or two, some turkeys, and even some quail. All good eating!

Remember that Daylight Savings ends on Sunday, 7 November. And then you need to remember all those Leathernecks, living and dead. The 10th of November is the 246th Birthday of the U S Marine Corps. A fine bunch of fighting men and women. And they have the best uniforms of all the services. Then next day is also a very important day for all of us. It is Veteran’s Day. The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month. A day that honors and remembers all of our Veterans. It is a proud day to be a Veteran. I’m not sure of the activities that we will be involved with due to Covid-19 and the local school policies, but we will probably be doing something on this day or weekend. We always get invited to various schools or places of business. This wonderful community ALWAYS supports our veterans! Be Proud!

On Thursday, 25 November we will have a Day of Thanks. Thanks for all the wonderful blessings that we as Americans enjoy. It all started in about 1621 when a group of Plymouth colonists and some local Wampanoag Indians gathered together and had a nice Harvest Feast together. In 1863, during the Civil War, President Lincoln proclaimed a National Thanksgiving Day to be celebrated in November. This was the start of a great and wonderful tradition that carries on to this day. Enjoy that skinny wild Turkey that you got at your deer lease. Or go to HEB and get a nice Butterball!

Anyway, we hope that you have a great November 2021. This is a great month for all Veterans. We hope that you and your family are safe and well. And we hope that the Dripping Springs Tigers continue their winning ways on the Football Field. They are 8-0 right now. Hope that they will be 9-0 when this is published. Go Tigers!!