We hope that everyone had a very nice Christmas this past month and we hope that your New Year’s Eve was fun and safe.

Well, we have ended another year and we are starting a new one. I was hoping for the very best and I was hoping that the 2022-23 Tigers Football Team would be the 6A State Champions. This would have been so good for our school and our community. But it was not to be. The boys did an excellent job though. The coaches did an excellent job too. The Band, the Cheerleaders, and the High Steppers all did great. 2022 will be a year to remember. Go Tigers!!!

The Army Mules beat the Navy Goats, but just by the “skin of their teeth”, in double overtime on a last play field goal. But a win is a win. The Air Force Falcons won 10 games this year and beat Baylor 30-15 in the Armed Forces Bowl up in Ft. Worth. The Falcons also won the Commander’s Trophy this year by beating both Army and Navy. Scott R. is “on a high,” as he should be… very proud of his Falcons.

What does the first month of the year 2023 bring us? Sunday is New Year’s Day. If you had a hard Saturday night, then rest up and enjoy a few football games. Regular deer season ends on Sunday, 1 January. There is an extended Special Doe Season for about 15 more days. Close up camp. It’s all over for another year. Hope that you got a big one. Start thinking about going fishing.

The Persian Gulf War began on 17 January 1991. We are so proud of our Gulf War Veterans. What a great job you did in a very short time. Go over, do your job, and come home proudly. Thank you very much for your service. Perfect example of how to perform.

On the 27th of January 1973, the Vietnam Peace Accords were signed. You all know how the story ended. Thank each of our Vietnam Veterans for all that they did, for their dedication to duty, for coming home with their heads held high. You did what was asked of you. Thank you. We are proud of you and your service.

We are into the winter months, and it will be chilly for several more months. I hope that we do not have a bad cold spell as we did a while back. Just remember that Spring will be coming soon.

Hope that your January 2023 is a very nice month. See you soon in February.

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