Unbelievable, but true! Another entire year has come and gone. As we age it seems as if time really starts to fly. Let’s see what January 2024 brings us.

The first day of the year is on Monday. That starts the year off on a good foot. Get up and get going. This is the year that will be very, very important for all of us. Do we continue with four more years of our current president or do we go in a very different direction? Only time will tell.

Deer season ends on Sunday, 7 January in Central and North Texas. You can go at least one more weekend. What are you waiting for? Get out there and get a deer or turkey. If you hunt in South Texas, you can still hunt until 21 January. Go South young man!!

We still have a few more cold months ahead of us so watch the weather close. The next couple of months usually bring some of the coldest weather of the year. Keep watching the news and take good care of your outside plants. Be ready to bring them in or cover them up. Pray for 15 March. That is the date of the last freeze around here. Every now and then we might get caught but you will usually be safe from a freeze around the Ides of March.

I may be wrong but I believe that 2024 is the 30th year anniversary of the founding of VFW Post 2933 and American Legion Post 290. We started the two posts with 25 members each in about 1994. We were young vets back then and we still had a lot of World War II and Korean War veterans. Those were our heroes, and they still are. We may have one WWII guy left in the posts. I think that our Korean vets are all gone. Thank God for the men and women that stepped up and defended their country in those two terrible wars.

I hope and pray that this will be a very good year for all of us or at least most of us. 2024-Bring it on!!

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