The good news is that October is just about the best month of the year if you live in Central Texas. Usually the weather is the best. The heat is mostly gone and a few small cool fronts start moving in. Normally the temperature is great for any kind of outdoor activity.

When you have good weather then you have lots of outside things to do. Every little town and city seems to have a festival or some event in October. In fact, there are so many events that you can’t go to all of them. Within an hour or so drive of Dripping Springs there are plenty of great places to go. Look a few up and go visit them.

Monday, 10 October is Columbus Day. It is also Thanksgiving day if you live in Canada. If you want to celebrate a little early, go ahead and do so.

For all of our Veterans: Thursday, 13 October is the 247th Birthday of the US Navy. A big Happy Birthday to all our current sailors and to all of our Navy veterans. The US Navy has about 337,000 active duty personnel, and about 102,000 in the Ready Reserve. It has almost 300 deployable combat vessels and over 2600 operational aircraft. The estimated tonnage of its active fleet exceeds the next 13 navies in the world. You should be proud. Go drink some grog. Go take a boat ride on Lake Austin or Lake Travis. Stay out of the barrel!!

At the very end of the month on Monday, 31 October we have Halloween. Watch out for all the little witches and goblins. Stock up on candy to pass out that night. Put on a costume and act like a fool when you answer the doorbell. Just remember: It is Trick or Treat.

We hope that your October will be a wonderful one.

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