One thing is that February 2021 is over! Thank God. What a bad week that was back a few weeks ago when the cold front blew in. I hope that everyone is back to normal. Electricity on and water running. That was the worst cold spell that I can ever remember. Looking forward to a little Global Warming.

Army Soldiers and Marines know what March is. Left, Right, Left. Airmen, Sailors, Coasties, and for sure, Space Force Guardians, are probably not real well acquainted with this type of movement. Easy now. I am just doing a little kidding!!

March brings us a few very important dates that we should remember. The very first date that every newborn Texas child should be taught is 2 March. Texas Independence Day is observed on 2 March (whatever the day of the week) and is the day that we declared our Independence from Mexico in 1836. It took a little bit of fighting to secure that independence but we got it. A famous battle occurred on 6 March at the Alamo, in San Antonio, where 180 brave men, under the Commander, LTC William B. Travis, had been holding off about 4000 Mexican soldiers for 13 days. The Alamo fell but the famous battle cry: “Remember the Alamo” carried the day a month later at San Jacinto, down by Houston. Fly your Texas flag high and proudly.

If you have never been to the Alamo Mission in downtown San Antonio, then you are missing something very important. You owe it to yourself and to your family to go and visit. Make a pledge to go and visit. This is a sacred place. Teach your kids what these brave men did. They gave EVERYTHING for you and for generations of Texans.

Two other March dates should be remembered by our veterans. One is 24 March and is the date of the Start of the Kosovo Campaign in 1999. The next is 31 March and is the End of Operation Restore Hope-Somalia in 1995. Thank our veterans who served in these operations.

Here is something that we all need to remember: Sunday, 14 March 2021 is Daylight Savings Day. Set your clocks (Spring forward) at 2:00 AM on Saturday night. And we sure don’t want to forget St. Patrick’s Day on Wednesday, 17 March. Go to the Barbershop Bar in downtown DSTX or the One Shot Brewery and get you a Green Beer or two. Phil might be a little bit Irish and he might even buy you a beer.

Saturday, 20 March is the start of Spring 2021. The Bluebonnets will be out and now would be a great time to drive your family around the Hill Country looking at the beautiful flowers around Gillespie, Mason, Llano, Blanco, and Burnett Counties. The Texas Hill Country is usually at its best this time of the year. Enjoy the renewal of life.

If you have never been to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, then you have missed out. This is an absolutely wonderful museum. It is a full day if you see everything, but it is worth it. It is a great place for veterans.

15 March is normally considered the final freeze day. I can only remember one day back in about 1987 where we had a freeze after 15 March. Go plant your garden. Give your spare veggies to needy veterans.

Thank you for your service to our country. Have a great Spring as you “March” along!!

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