April is one of the worst months. The weather is terrible. It is usually cold and miserable. Not much to do in April around these parts. What is this you say? Oh, you forgot about Saturday, 1 April 2023. April Fool’s Day. Well, I have to slip it in there somewhere. Why not get it right up front???

Actually, April is one of those months that is just about perfect around here. This is one of the very best months for weather, temperature, and just getting out of the house and doing things and going places on the weekends. Don’t sit at home. There are wonderful events all over Central Texas to see and visit. Start planning and then get going.

Thursday, 6 April is Army Day. And then on the 7th it is Good Friday. You know that Sunday, 9 April is Easter. Take your family to a local church of your choice. Then Remember some special people, for it is also National Former POW Recognition Day.

I know that you have been spending lots of time getting your tax papers in order. That is good because Tax Day is coming up fast. But, because the 15th falls on a weekend, the day that we all dread will fall on Tuesday, 18 April this year. They gave you a few more days to worry!!

If you are into it then celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, 22 April. It’s the only place that we have so I guess this is a pretty important day. Plant a tree or bush or do something good for the planet. It is just about the best place around for now. Use it wisely. Take care of it.

I hope that your April is good. It usually is a very good time of the year… maybe the best month we will have until October!

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