We have no military birthdays this month! But just wait a few months and you can have Flag Day and the U.S. Army Birthday all rolled up into one day, 14 Jun 2022. Just a little advanced notice to get you prepared. The Army Black Knights of the Hudson were 9-4 this year and they won the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft, Worth, TX with a score of 24-22 over the Missouri Mules. Great game and great win!

Well, we may be in our new hall soon…or maybe not. The big sliding back door was holding us up last December. They were also still working on the ceiling and the floor. It was getting close. Keep your fingers crossed, just like those Crossed Rifles in the ceiling. It is going to be a beautiful meeting hall that we will all enjoy. With just a little work we can have a place to meet, and play, and visit, and have get togethers. BBQ’s and Corn Hole! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Patriots Hall update!!! We will probably have the first meetings in March. Thursday, 17 March is what we are shooting for. The new road down to the Hall is named “Patriots Hall Blvd” (thanks to Commissioner Walt Smith for getting it renamed).

By the way, the lay out of the big Patriot’s Hall building is being done. I hope by the time that you are reading this they may have started on the big building. It also is going to be a great place. Who is going to have his daughter or grand daughter or son or grandson be the first to have a wedding reception in that new building? Who will have the first anniversary party or birthday party? It could be you. It is for our Patriots and families.

It is February so we cannot forget Monday, 14 February 2022, St. Valentine’s Day. DO NOT FORGET this day! This is a mortal sin. Get flowers for your spouse. I just happen to know a really great place to do this. Go see the ladies at “The Flower Girl.” Ask for the veteran’s discount. This will get your year off to a good start. I promise that this is a good idea. It really works, at least for a little while.

President’s Day is on Monday, 21 February. They forgot Washington and Lincoln and just threw everyone in on a February Day. Typical Government stuff. But you really should remember George. He got us going and he was a good one. Remember and teach your kids. Have a great February 2022. God Bless us all!

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