March is a busy month. Where do we start? How about on the 2nd. Tuesday, 2 March is Texas Independence Day. This is a celebration of the signing of the document that declared Texas’ Independence from Mexico. Signed on 2 March 1836, 59 delegates, settlers in Mexican Tejas, officially declared their independence from Mexico, and created the Republic of Texas. Let the fight begin!

Sunday, 6 March 1836. Declaring Independence and actually having it are two different things. On 6 March 1836, after holding out for 13 days, the Mexican Forces, numbering about 1,500 or more, over ran the Alamo and killed all 186 defenders, including Commander Wm. B. Travis, David Crockett, Jim Bowie, and many other very brave men who stood and fought to the death. Remember the Alamo!

Daylight Savings starts on Sunday, 13 March. Spring Forward one hour. (Actually starts at 2:00 am on Saturday).

The First Official Day of Spring is usually considered to be on Monday, 21 March. The Spring Equinox actually starts at 11:32 AM on Sunday, 20 March. About 12 equal hours of daylight and dark. Spring is Sprung and it is time to start planting your gardens. Actually, the 15th is a good time as this is considered to be the last day of any anticipated frost. Be careful, as Jack will sometimes catch you.

Military History – Thursday, 24 March is the day that was the “Start of the Kosovo Campaign” in 1999. Remember and thank our Kosovo Vets. A week later, Thursday, 31 March is the date that marks the “End of Operation Restore Hope” in Somalia. This was in 1995. Remember and thank our Somalia Vets.

Weather in March? Who knows? Windy, rainy, cold, warm, just about anything that you want. A few bluebonnets will start to pop up. Get ready for another great Texas Spring. Do not call your kinfolk in CA and up North and tell them how nice it is down here. Really, don’t do it!!

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