There are several important dates in the Merry Month of May that are important to us all. The first one is Loyalty Day, 1 May 2022. What is Loyalty Day you say? I have never heard of this day. Well, way back in 1921, during the first “Red Scare,” the day was proposed as Americanization Day. It was a day with the intention to replace May Day and International Worker’s Day, a counter to Communism. Between 1930-1950 several large rallies were held and attended by millions of people who demanded that May 1st be a day to celebrate Patriotism. The day was brought back in 1955 and officially recognized in 1958 as Loyalty Day to be celebrated on 1 May. Fly your flags. Hold a parade in your neighborhood. Just be happy that we do not live under communism.

The second important day is 8 May, V-E DAY. Victory in Europe, 8 May 1945. Half the war was won. Now let’s go to the Pacific and finish the war so that our troops can finally come home after a long four years. It is celebrated mainly in Britain and the United States. This is the date that we celebrate the formal acceptance of unconditional surrender by Nazi Germany. This was a big deal. Now we could concentrate all our efforts on defeating Japan. Fly your flags. Teach your Children and Grandkids what the day is so they will continue to remember.

Remember something else on 8 May. Really remember this day or you will be in trouble. This is Mother’s Day. Remember your Mother and the Mother of your children. Really important. Get them some flowers and some chocolates. Take them out to eat. Treat them nice and tell them that you love them. A day that we should never forget.

Armed Forces Day is 15 May. A day that each of us veterans should remember. It is a day to honor those who currently serve in all six branches of service. If you see a current military member thank them and buy them a meal or a drink. Show them that you are behind them 100%.

Every one of us knows that Monday, 30 May is Memorial Day. This very important day is the day that we honor those warriors who died while serving in the United States Military. About 1.3 million have died in all our wars. Close to half died just during the Civil War. Remember them. Honor them. Never Forget. Go to a cemetery and place a flag on the grave of one of these warriors. Take your children and grandchildren with you.

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