There are two really nice months in Texas that are always nice. April and October. So here we are in April 2022. One of the problems with April is that there are too many things to do. Everyone, every organization, every group has a BBQ or a party or something in April. Too many things to do and places to go. So, just pick out a few and go to them.

Remember Monday, 11 April. Why you ask? Well, I will tell you. Because I have been married to my wonderful wife Sandy for 41 years and I really need to remember this day. Flowers are on the way dear!

DS is planning Founder’s Day again this year after a two-year break. 22-24 April. It should be huge this year. Hopefully we will be doing the event parking again this year. It is a great money maker. Get ready to pitch in and help us work and park vehicles.

The day before Founders Day is one of the most important days in Texas History and a great day for all Aggies. 21 April is San Jacinto Day. Just about one and a half months after the Fall of the Alamo, Gen. Sam Houston lead the Texan Army in battle against Santa Anna and his large Mexican Army. The battle was alongside San Jacinto Bay near present day La Porte and Pasadena. It was all over in just about 18 minutes. The Texans won a great victory. It was the final and most decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. A Great Day in Texas History. The present-day site has the large San Jacinto Monument, 567.3 feet high, with a 220 ton star on top. It is the World’s Tallest War Monument, 15 feet taller that the Washington Monument. Go visit it and take your kids. Tell them the story.

But what about the Aggies you say. Well let me tell you a story. On April 21, 1942, on the Island of Corregidor in the Philippine Islands, a group of Aggie soldiers, lead by Major Tom Dooley and BG George F. Moore, gathered all the Aggies that they could find and held a ceremony, a muster. All present knew that their names could soon be called also. Thus began a hallowed tradition that carries on to this day. Wherever there are at least two Aggies present on 21 April they will gather and Muster and remember those Aggies who have gone on to greener pastures. When a departed name is called, another Aggie will stand and reply: “Here”. Another great Texas A&M tradition. Gig ’em.

Go back and remember Sunday, 17 April. Easter Day. Take your family to the church of your choice. This is a very important day for many people worldwide. Order some flowers for your wife and daughters. Take them out for a nice meal after church. Go for a nice drive in the Hill Country and enjoy the Bluebonnets. This is a really great time of the year in Central Texas. You are glad that you live here aren’t you?

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