Cooler weather is starting to come in, I hope. I also hope that you bought your Texas Hunting License for 2023-24 because deer season starts on Saturday, 4 November. You need to be ready. You should be at the lease right now and not sitting around the house reading blogs! Get going.

Not a hunter? Well, here is some news. Sunday, 5 November is the end of Daylight Savings for this year. You should have turned back your clocks at midnight on Saturday night. Oh well, go ahead and do it now. We will wait.

Don’t forget that Election Day is on Tuesday, 7 November. Go vote! Remember to vote for the RIGHT person(s).

At the end of the week there are two very important days to remember. Friday, 10 Nov, is the 248th Birthday of one of the finest fighting forces that the world has ever known, the United States Marine Corps. And they have the best uniforms also. If you see a Marine, thank him/her for their service. Buy them a beer. They are Warriors, one and all.

On the 21st of November 1983 the Granada Campaign ended. It just started four weeks earlier. Those guys who served in this action got in, took care of business, and then got out. They are to be thanked for their service. They did an excellent job. All actions should be like this. Get your job done and go home to a grateful nation. Thanks to all of our Granada Vets.

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, 23 November. Hope that you got a turkey while at your deer lease. Have a great day with your family and friends. We really do have a lot to be thankful for in the great nation. We are very lucky people to have been born and raised in the good old USA!

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