This month starts off with the Afghanistan War. It started on 7 October way back in 2001. Remember that was right after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed and a plane hit the Pentagon. 2,977 Americans were killed in NYC, including 343 firefighters, 184 were killed at the Pentagon and 40 were killed in Pennsylvania. A sad day in the USA. The Afghanistan War would continue on for over 20 years. About 2,450 military members died in Afghanistan.

Do we even celebrate Columbus Day anymore? If you do, then it is on Monday 9 October. The actual day is really 12 October, but we moved it to a Monday holiday.

A really important date is 13 October 1775. This is the date of the establishment of the United States Navy. 248 years of Naval History. We want to honor all of our men and women who have served proudly in the Navy. The Navy is pretty important you know. How would the Marines get to war if it were not for the Navy. All kidding aside, our Navy is pretty large. Its combined tonnage is equal to the next 13 navies in the world. This was true. China is gaining on us fast. We need to build more ships!!

The Granada Campaign started on 23 October in the year 1983. How times flies? Thanks go out to all those Veterans who served in this successful campaign.

Navy Day is on Friday, 27 October. Go down to Galveston and visit a ship. Thank an old Navy Vet for his service. And don’t forget to take your kids or grandkids out Trick or Treating on Tuesday, 31 October. It is Halloween. Hope that the kids get lots of candy. Stay safe on this evening. Go to a Haunted House. Have fun. Cooler weather may be on the way!

1 thought on “October 2023

  1. Larry Chapman says:

    October will now mark another sad day in history. Israel was attached by terrious and went to war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip (again). Jewish Americans are most likely being killed by these radical Muslims. This is Israel’s 9/11.

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