Still hot! Dove season starts on 1 September in the North and Central zones and 14 September in the South zone. Be sure and get your hunting license before you go (you really need to get it in August). We have some of the best dove hunting in the world but you have to be in the right spot. Sunflower fields, mesquite trees, and stock tanks. Take lots of shells and lots of water and stay hydrated.

Victory Over Japan- VJ-Day is on 2 September. This is the day that marks Japan’s surrender in 1945 and the ending of the war in the Pacific. 76 years ago there was a frenzy of celebration all over the US and all over the world. The ending of this conflict was a relief but it cost us over 407,000 deaths and untold wounded and injured. About 16 million U.S. Service men and women served and now they were coming home. The baby boom, of which many of us were conceived, was about to begin!

School has already started up again and football season has begun. We just beat Kerrville Tivy last Friday night in an away game. The first home game of the season is this Friday, 3 September. Early games can be pretty warm in the stadium. Go out and watch the Tigers play a few games. They have been doing pretty good lately.

PATRIOT DAY- 11 September. This is a day to remember those killed and injured on 11 September 2001. The flag is lowered at 8:46 AM, the time that the first airliner struck the North World Trade Center Building. Please take time to remember this event, and never forget.

U S AIR FORCE BIRTHDAY-18 September. The U S Air Force was officially formed, with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947, from the U.S. Army Air Forces. Congratulations to all our Air Force personnel for 74 years of exceptional service to our country. Aim High and Keep ’em Flying.

Finally, please say a prayer for those brave young men and women who were recently killed in action in Afghanistan. Eleven Marines, one Navy Corpsman, and one Army soldier gave their lives for our country, doing their duty, until the very end. May God have mercy on their souls…. Here’s a toast…

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