We are still in a hot spell. What is hot on 1 August is Air Force Day. Not Air Force Birthday, just Air Force Day. Figure it out yourself!

But on 4 August 1790, the U S Coast Guard was established. Happy Birthday to all the Coasties out there. They have a big job and they do it well. Thank you for your many years of service to our country keeping our coast and waterways safe.

The official date of the start of the Vietnam War is 7 August 1964. It was to be a long war and many of us served in and around Vietnam. Thanks to all those Veterans who served and thanks for what you did. On this date the Purple Heart Medal was also established in 1782.

On 14 August 1945 Japan surrendered thus ending WWII. It was 15 August before we knew it, I believe.

If you are an Airborne trooper, you need to know that 16 August is National Airborne Day. Go suit up, get on a plane, and go jump out. What, you are too old and out of shape? I guess that you need to start running again and doing a few pushups. See you at the track. Yea right!!!

We will end this up on the 19th of August. This is National Aviation Day. Go fly an airplane!

Hope that everyone has a great summer and August will just about finish it up. This is one last month to go somewhere before school starts again and the traffic starts to get bad again. It has been nice driving in DSTX during the past several months. Traffic, when school is out is actually fairly nice. But don’t worry, you will be cussing it again soon.

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