Summer ends this month on the 23rd of September, but we do have most of the month still left with hot to mildly hot weather. At least it is starting to cool down a little bit.

September is a very busy month. Lots going on besides school starting up again…or was that back in August? Who knows? Anyway, Tiger Football is back. Hope that we have a great year again. Go Tigers!!!

You should have bought your new 2023 Texas Hunting License already so you can go dove hunting on 1 September. I hope that you have a place to go. Dove hunting is one of the best sports around.

VJ Day is on Saturday, 2 September. It marks the date that the formal surrender was signed in 1945. Fighting continued on many small islands until sometime in 1946. It was not until 31 December 1946 that President Harry S. Truman declared the official end of WWII. Even then there were a few Japanese soldiers that never surrendered until 1974 or so. At the end of the war there were an estimated three million Japanese soldiers stationed on various islands and in the Philippines. Some of them held out for many years refusing to believe that the war was actually over. Loyal dedicated men.

Labor Day is on Monday, 4 September. Most of us don’t do much labor anymore so I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Anyway, Happy Labor Day. Take a nap.

A lot of us are Grandparents. 10 September is Grandparents Day. Have a great day all you old timers! I hope that you get a card and a free meal.

Here we go. Patriots Day is on Monday, 11 September. It is very important to remember. We must never forget what happened on that day. POW/MIA Recognition Day is on Friday, 15 September. Pray for those that are still held as Prisoners of War. Pray that our Missing will someday be found and returned home to their families. There are still about 81 thousand that are awaiting return. Many of these are lost at sea and will never be found. Keep hoping.

On the 18th of September in the year 1947 the U.S. Air Force was officially established from the U.S. Army Air Forces. This is a great day for all our flyboys and flygals and they are very proud of this day. 76 years as the premier Air Force in the world. Keep ’em flying high.

Autumn begins on Saturday, 23 September. Here comes a little cooler weather, maybe. Who ever knows? It can still be hot for a while. Go see the Tigers play ball.

And remember that 29 September, in the year 1899, was the day that the Veterans of Foreign Wars was established. 124 years old. A great day in America. Go drink a cold one. Just no Bud Light please.

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