Well, Summer has started, or will start on 21 June, and it is warm and will be warm for the next several months. Get used to it!

Remember 79 years ago? Do you remember what happened on 6 June? The D-Day Invasion of Continental Europe began. Long awaited, it was finally here. The US, the English, and the Canadians landed paratroopers behind enemy lines, and thousands of allied troops hit the beaches of Normandy in France. By the time the several days had passed we had a foothold and we never let go. Many brave young men gave their lives those first few days. We need to take a few minutes to remember their sacrifices. Many of those soldiers are buried in France in beautiful cemeteries. Go see them if you ever get a chance. Or look at them on-line. These are beautiful places.

Wednesday, 14 June is Flag Day. Fly your flag high. Be proud. It is a wonderful day to show your colors. It is also the 248th Birthday of the United States Army, our Senior Service. All of our soldiers who served in the Army should be proud. We are proud of you.

While not as important as Mother’s Day, there is another day that we should remember. Sunday, 18 June is Father’s Day. Hope everyone has a great day with your family. You deserve it.

We do not have very many Korean War Veterans left, but we do want to remember them. The Korean War began on 25 June 1950. Many of our fathers went off to Korea and fought for three years. We give thanks to all those brave guys and gals who served in those trying times. Remember them.

Take your family on a nice trip this month and see some places that you have not yet visited. There are many wonderful places within a few hours’ drive of Dripping Springs. Enjoy the start of Summer 2023!

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