Summer is almost over… The heat will slowly start to fade a little bit as we move toward Oct even though September can still be warm and humid.

You should already have your Fall garden planted by now. Fall tomatoes do really well if you plant them in August and keep them well watered until we get a little cooler weather. They will produce until the first cold weather and then they are pretty much gone.

Go and buy your Texas Hunting/Fishing License. Get the Combo as it is the best deal. Dove season is upon us. If you can find the right place, dove hunting can be one of the most enjoyable times of your life. Start going to your hunting lease if you have one. Now is the time to fix up your stand and get the cabin ready. Clean up, fix up, mow the grass, fill your feeders, get your stands ready. November will be here soon. Pray for some Fall rain.

School started in late August and Football season is here! Go out and support the Tigers. We have a beautiful stadium and have also moved up and into a different district. Could be rough for a while, but we will see. (By the way we just won our first game in the new 6A division. We beat Vandergrift HS 30-23).

Traffic has picked back up. You know this without me telling you. Every year it just gets worse. Leave early. Plan your trips. Lots of cars and trucks on the main roads of US290 and RR12. Be careful and drive safe.

Monday, 5 September, is Labor Day. It is a day to honor and remember the social and economic achievements of the American Workers.

Sunday, 11 September, is Patriot Day, a very important day for all of us to remember. Never forget this day. Teach your children and grandchildren about what happened on this day. It changed our lives forever. See you at the Triangle on 11 September!

Friday, 16 September, is POW/MIA Remembrance Day. Please take just a little time to think about and remember those Americans who are missing in action or that are held in captivity. They suffer greatly and deserve to be remembered. Bow your head and say a silent prayer for them. May they never be forgotten.

Finally, one more important date–18 September 1947. This is the 75th Birthday of the finest Air Force that the world has ever seen. It was given birth by the U.S. Army Air Corps and the U.S. Army Air Force. In 1947, it became a separate Service of its own. The Air Force has about 316,000 Active-Duty personnel, 70,000 Reserves, and 108,000 Air National Guard Personnel. They have about 1355 Fighter Aircraft, 233 Tankers, and 118 Bombers along with many other miscellaneous aircraft. Congratulations to all the men and women who now serve and who have served in the USAF. We are very proud of you.

And thus ends the busy month of September 2022. Have a wonderful month!

The 4th of August is the Birthday of the United States Coast Guard. Happy Birthday! The Coast Guard will be 232 years old. They were established a long time ago in 1790! What in the world did they do to keep busy? They only had ten ships then but they were given the mission to enforce Federal tariffs and help prevent smuggling. Coast Guard members have served in 17 wars or conflicts throughout U S History.

Who was the oldest serving member of the Coast Guard? Anthony Christy. Who is he you ask? He was the Lighthouse Keeper of the Christiana Lighthouse in Delaware. He died while on duly in September 1862. By the way he was 105 years old! Now that was one old crusty Coastie.

Is the Coast Guard a Military Service? No and Yes. Since 2003 they have been operating as part of the Department of Homeland Security. In wartime they revert back to the Department of Defense.

The first Coast Guard Cutter, the “Valiant,” was launched in 1791. Today this refers to ships that are over 65 feet long. The first permanent Coast Guard Air Station was established at Camp May, NJ in 1926. The oldest Coast Guard Boat Station is Sandy Hook, NJ. In 1967 the Coast Guard started painting “Racing Stripes” on its vessels. These Red Slash Design or Stripes are now well known on their ships.

The motto of the Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus,” meaning “Always Prepared.” They were surely prepared in WWII. Did you know that almost a quarter of a million Guardsmen served in the USCG during WWII?

President George Washington commissioned the first Coast Guard Officer, Captain Hopley Yeaton on March 21, 1791. Many years later the first two uniformed women joined the Coast Guard in 1918. Two sisters, Genevieve and Lucille Baker, were the first females in the USCG.

Now you know more about the USCG than 99% of the people in the USA and the world! Good knowledge. Enjoy the August Heat. Go down to Port A for a vacation. There is a Coast Guard Station at Port A. This Coast Guard Station is real near a great old beer joint called “Shorty’s.” I think that this place has been there since 1946. Drop by and tell the “Coasties” thank you for their service.

It is starting to get hot and humid. It must be July. This month and next month are usually a couple of pretty warm months around here. The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer. Everything starts to slow down a little. Thank the good Lord that we have working A/C units in our houses and vehicles.

Can you imagine the days, back in the 40’s and 50’s in Dripping Springs, before A/C? Think about the houses, the places of business, the churches. What about sleeping at night with the windows open wide to let in just a slight breeze. The summers had to be brutal in those days. We are actually pretty lucky to be living in these days.

So what is going on in July in Dripping Springs? Everyone knows about the 4th of July, INDEPENDENCE DAY. 246 years ago, the original 13 colonies declared independence from Britain. As would be expected this started a war. You might even call it an “insurrection.” That’s what happens when the people start getting a little upset with the way things seem to be going. Oh well, you know how the story ends. Just be happy that we have the freedoms that we do have now. We are very lucky to live in a wonderful country, a wonderful state, and a wonderful community. Fly your flags. Teach your children and grandchildren about the story of our Independence. Go shoot some fireworks or go watch a fireworks display. Count your blessings, for they are many.

We have very few Korean War veterans left among us but if you know any please give them thanks for their service during the Korean War in 1951-53. It was a messy and miserable war that ended, not in a victory, but with an Armistice. Now, 69 years later, we still have a divided country and we still have almost 30,000 U.S. Troops stationed in South Korea. Anyway, on the 27th of July 1953 we signed an Armistice to end the fighting in the Korean Conflict. It is a day that we remember and a day that we honor our Korean War Veterans. We thank them for their sacrifices.

Have a great and enjoyable summer!

Here we are in June 2022. School is out. Summer is about to begin. Summer actually starts early in the morning of 21 June, the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year and probably another long hot day in DSTX. Go swimming! Or stay inside and enjoy the AC.

What’s important to us in June? Well one of the most important things to remember is Monday, 6 June, D-DAY. On this day, 78 years ago, thousands of young soldiers, sailors, and airmen were on their way from England to the beaches of Normandy, France. The big invasion of mainland Europe had begun. Just the First U S Army counted about 1500 KIA, 2000 missing, and 6600 wounded. When it was all over, we had gained a foothold in France. This would be the beginning of the end for the Axis powers in Europe. There was still almost one more year of fierce fighting ahead. But this is a day to remember. Teach your children and grandchildren about this day.

14 June is FLAG DAY. It is also the 247th Birthday of the Senior Service, the United States Army. The Army has about 500,000 active duty members. Happy Birthday Army. Thanks go out to all our Army Veterans for their service to our country in times of war and peace.

On Sunday, 19 June we should all honor and remember our Fathers on Fathers Day 2022. Take your dad out for a meal. Give him a call. Go visit him. Tell him that you love him. Most of our dads are pretty good guys. Count yourself lucky if your dad is still around for you.

Lots of good things for our members to do in June. Central Texas is a great place to go for short trips or vacations. The coast is a great place in the summer. Go spend a week or a weekend in Port A. San Antonio is also a wonderful place to visit for a few days. Go down to the River Walk. Go to The Pearl. Go to the SA Zoo. Go visit the Alamo and teach your kids about Texas History. June is a Great Month for family time. Sorry about the price of gas though!!! You may have to put a windmill or a solar panel on top of your car or truck.

There are several important dates in the Merry Month of May that are important to us all. The first one is Loyalty Day, 1 May 2022. What is Loyalty Day you say? I have never heard of this day. Well, way back in 1921, during the first “Red Scare,” the day was proposed as Americanization Day. It was a day with the intention to replace May Day and International Worker’s Day, a counter to Communism. Between 1930-1950 several large rallies were held and attended by millions of people who demanded that May 1st be a day to celebrate Patriotism. The day was brought back in 1955 and officially recognized in 1958 as Loyalty Day to be celebrated on 1 May. Fly your flags. Hold a parade in your neighborhood. Just be happy that we do not live under communism.

The second important day is 8 May, V-E DAY. Victory in Europe, 8 May 1945. Half the war was won. Now let’s go to the Pacific and finish the war so that our troops can finally come home after a long four years. It is celebrated mainly in Britain and the United States. This is the date that we celebrate the formal acceptance of unconditional surrender by Nazi Germany. This was a big deal. Now we could concentrate all our efforts on defeating Japan. Fly your flags. Teach your Children and Grandkids what the day is so they will continue to remember.

Remember something else on 8 May. Really remember this day or you will be in trouble. This is Mother’s Day. Remember your Mother and the Mother of your children. Really important. Get them some flowers and some chocolates. Take them out to eat. Treat them nice and tell them that you love them. A day that we should never forget.

Armed Forces Day is 15 May. A day that each of us veterans should remember. It is a day to honor those who currently serve in all six branches of service. If you see a current military member thank them and buy them a meal or a drink. Show them that you are behind them 100%.

Every one of us knows that Monday, 30 May is Memorial Day. This very important day is the day that we honor those warriors who died while serving in the United States Military. About 1.3 million have died in all our wars. Close to half died just during the Civil War. Remember them. Honor them. Never Forget. Go to a cemetery and place a flag on the grave of one of these warriors. Take your children and grandchildren with you.

There are two really nice months in Texas that are always nice. April and October. So here we are in April 2022. One of the problems with April is that there are too many things to do. Everyone, every organization, every group has a BBQ or a party or something in April. Too many things to do and places to go. So, just pick out a few and go to them.

Remember Monday, 11 April. Why you ask? Well, I will tell you. Because I have been married to my wonderful wife Sandy for 41 years and I really need to remember this day. Flowers are on the way dear!

DS is planning Founder’s Day again this year after a two-year break. 22-24 April. It should be huge this year. Hopefully we will be doing the event parking again this year. It is a great money maker. Get ready to pitch in and help us work and park vehicles.

The day before Founders Day is one of the most important days in Texas History and a great day for all Aggies. 21 April is San Jacinto Day. Just about one and a half months after the Fall of the Alamo, Gen. Sam Houston lead the Texan Army in battle against Santa Anna and his large Mexican Army. The battle was alongside San Jacinto Bay near present day La Porte and Pasadena. It was all over in just about 18 minutes. The Texans won a great victory. It was the final and most decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. A Great Day in Texas History. The present-day site has the large San Jacinto Monument, 567.3 feet high, with a 220 ton star on top. It is the World’s Tallest War Monument, 15 feet taller that the Washington Monument. Go visit it and take your kids. Tell them the story.

But what about the Aggies you say. Well let me tell you a story. On April 21, 1942, on the Island of Corregidor in the Philippine Islands, a group of Aggie soldiers, lead by Major Tom Dooley and BG George F. Moore, gathered all the Aggies that they could find and held a ceremony, a muster. All present knew that their names could soon be called also. Thus began a hallowed tradition that carries on to this day. Wherever there are at least two Aggies present on 21 April they will gather and Muster and remember those Aggies who have gone on to greener pastures. When a departed name is called, another Aggie will stand and reply: “Here”. Another great Texas A&M tradition. Gig ’em.

Go back and remember Sunday, 17 April. Easter Day. Take your family to the church of your choice. This is a very important day for many people worldwide. Order some flowers for your wife and daughters. Take them out for a nice meal after church. Go for a nice drive in the Hill Country and enjoy the Bluebonnets. This is a really great time of the year in Central Texas. You are glad that you live here aren’t you?

March is a busy month. Where do we start? How about on the 2nd. Tuesday, 2 March is Texas Independence Day. This is a celebration of the signing of the document that declared Texas’ Independence from Mexico. Signed on 2 March 1836, 59 delegates, settlers in Mexican Tejas, officially declared their independence from Mexico, and created the Republic of Texas. Let the fight begin!

Sunday, 6 March 1836. Declaring Independence and actually having it are two different things. On 6 March 1836, after holding out for 13 days, the Mexican Forces, numbering about 1,500 or more, over ran the Alamo and killed all 186 defenders, including Commander Wm. B. Travis, David Crockett, Jim Bowie, and many other very brave men who stood and fought to the death. Remember the Alamo!

Daylight Savings starts on Sunday, 13 March. Spring Forward one hour. (Actually starts at 2:00 am on Saturday).

The First Official Day of Spring is usually considered to be on Monday, 21 March. The Spring Equinox actually starts at 11:32 AM on Sunday, 20 March. About 12 equal hours of daylight and dark. Spring is Sprung and it is time to start planting your gardens. Actually, the 15th is a good time as this is considered to be the last day of any anticipated frost. Be careful, as Jack will sometimes catch you.

Military History – Thursday, 24 March is the day that was the “Start of the Kosovo Campaign” in 1999. Remember and thank our Kosovo Vets. A week later, Thursday, 31 March is the date that marks the “End of Operation Restore Hope” in Somalia. This was in 1995. Remember and thank our Somalia Vets.

Weather in March? Who knows? Windy, rainy, cold, warm, just about anything that you want. A few bluebonnets will start to pop up. Get ready for another great Texas Spring. Do not call your kinfolk in CA and up North and tell them how nice it is down here. Really, don’t do it!!

We have no military birthdays this month! But just wait a few months and you can have Flag Day and the U.S. Army Birthday all rolled up into one day, 14 Jun 2022. Just a little advanced notice to get you prepared. The Army Black Knights of the Hudson were 9-4 this year and they won the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft, Worth, TX with a score of 24-22 over the Missouri Mules. Great game and great win!

Well, we may be in our new hall soon…or maybe not. The big sliding back door was holding us up last December. They were also still working on the ceiling and the floor. It was getting close. Keep your fingers crossed, just like those Crossed Rifles in the ceiling. It is going to be a beautiful meeting hall that we will all enjoy. With just a little work we can have a place to meet, and play, and visit, and have get togethers. BBQ’s and Corn Hole! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Patriots Hall update!!! We will probably have the first meetings in March. Thursday, 17 March is what we are shooting for. The new road down to the Hall is named “Patriots Hall Blvd” (thanks to Commissioner Walt Smith for getting it renamed).

By the way, the lay out of the big Patriot’s Hall building is being done. I hope by the time that you are reading this they may have started on the big building. It also is going to be a great place. Who is going to have his daughter or grand daughter or son or grandson be the first to have a wedding reception in that new building? Who will have the first anniversary party or birthday party? It could be you. It is for our Patriots and families.

It is February so we cannot forget Monday, 14 February 2022, St. Valentine’s Day. DO NOT FORGET this day! This is a mortal sin. Get flowers for your spouse. I just happen to know a really great place to do this. Go see the ladies at “The Flower Girl.” Ask for the veteran’s discount. This will get your year off to a good start. I promise that this is a good idea. It really works, at least for a little while.

President’s Day is on Monday, 21 February. They forgot Washington and Lincoln and just threw everyone in on a February Day. Typical Government stuff. But you really should remember George. He got us going and he was a good one. Remember and teach your kids. Have a great February 2022. God Bless us all!

Can you believe that another year has passed? Yes, it is hard to believe…but here we are into the New Year. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a very safe New Year.

First of all, I want to say that we had a great Veteran’s Christmas Party in December for members of VFW Post 2933 and American Legion Post 290. We had about 90 members, spouses, and guests. The Hog Heaven Event Center was beautiful, as always, at Christmas. Ms. Lyssa Seale always does an excellent job of making this one of the most beautiful spots in Texas during the Christmas Season. We give thanks to both Hank and Lyssa Seale for the outstanding hospitality in having us out for our annual party. The meals were excellent and the desserts by Ms. Frances Ann Fosdick were delicious. We thank the Seale’s and their staff and everyone that was involved. It was a great time. We handed out about 20 or more door prizes to members and family. One of our member’s wife, Irene Pelak, a DSMS teacher, was our “Teacher of the Year” and she received a Certificate and a Cash Award.

Switching to history, on 27 January, in the year 1973, the Vietnam Peace Accord was signed. This is one of those days that we are supposed to REMEMBER. Two years later–you know how that all turned out. Just a prelude to the events of August-September 2021 in Afghanistan. We never learn do we? One was a 10-year war and another was a 20-year war. Thousands of dead and wounded young American warriors. Billions of dollars of aid given. The end results were one Communist country and one full of Jihads and Militants.

We don’t have any Military Birthdays this month. We did remember the 385th Birthday of the National Guard last December 13th and the Space Force Birthday on 20 December. The Space Force was 2 years old and is just getting started with a very important mission in the near future. There are now about 4000 personnel in the Space Force and they are called “Guardians.” In FY22 there will be about 670 more USAF military personnel and 260 civilian personnel transferred to the Space Force. Watch them grow! With the current conflicts that are ongoing and the possibility of future conflicts, our satellite systems will be in danger. And we will have to be able to protect our systems and will also have to be able to destroy or neutralize the enemy systems. Big job for our Space Force Guardians!

The end of the year. And what a year it has been! After 20 years of fighting, nation building, and pouring billions into a dark hole, we find ourselves right back where we started.

About 3.3 million veterans have served in the Post 9-11/Gulf War II era. This veteran population is about 1/2 the size of the remaining living Vietnam veteran population of 6.7 million. The Gulf War I veterans make up about 3.7 million vets. We only have about 1.7 million remaining Korean War vets and our Greatest Generation of WWII vets is down to 800,000. Only about 5% of the WWII vets are still with us. Cherish them and thank them whenever you see one. They are going fast.

We need to take care of the needs of our Afghanistan vets right now. Those of us who went through the tragic loss in Vietnam in 1975 after 10 years of war know exactly how these warriors feel. It is a terrible feeling to know that all the many years of service and sacrifice that our service men and women put in is now a lost cause. Please give these brave service members a big thank you for everything that they did. They and their families suffered through multiple deployments over this 20 year period. They did their jobs. They did what was asked of them. They served us well. They should keep their heads held high.

We do need to remember 7 December. What an important day in the history of our great country. This is one of those days that will probably always be remembered. It had such a profound effect on our parents and grandparents. A lot of us are here today because of it. At the end of WWII our fathers and mothers reunited and the result was an entire generation of Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964. During that 22 year period there were about 76 million of us born. Congratulations to those of you who are in this age group. A lot of us then became Vietnam War Veterans. Thank you for your service.

We have a couple of important Birthdays to remember: The National Guard is 385 years old on 13 December. They were a militia and were considered a military force in the year 1636. They have served us well for many years and continue to serve in this country and overseas as ordered. In the beginning they were only Army units and now they also have Air Force units in every state plus DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The other Birthday is 20 December–the U. S. Space Force. Two years old and growing. They will be a force to contend with in the near future.

This brings us to Christmas, 25 December. I hope that each and every one of our veterans and their families have a Blessed Christmas. We are lucky indeed to be born in this wonderful country with all the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy. We are also Blessed to live in this wonderful State of Texas. May God Bless you this Holiday Season.